On this beautiful first day of September.. I’m introducing Julie, aka Jules, a senior at DTHS. This girl is a major track-star, loves chocolate and can’t go a day without music. I’m obsessed with her outfit in these photos! Loved the vibe with the bright colors, Julie pulled it off perfectly! When Julie isn’t running, […]

“To feel¬† beautiful without having someone tell you.” – Maggie’s response to my, “What does confident mean to you?” question… Meet Maggie, a senior at Coal City High School, happy first day back! I immediately smiled when I read that answer, one thing some people learn too late in life is that YOU have to […]

Mariah, a senior at Gardner-South Wilmington High School who dreams of becoming a nurse. I’ve always admired people going into the medical field.. it takes a strong, selfless and smart individual to be in a profession like that. When she isn’t thinking about her future career.. she might be shopping at Forever 21, listening to […]

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