Mariah ~ 2018 Senior Model

Mariah, a senior at Gardner-South Wilmington High School who dreams of becoming a nurse. I’ve always admired people going into the medical field.. it takes a strong, selfless and smart individual to be in a profession like that. When she isn’t thinking about her future career.. she might be shopping at Forever 21, listening to music or just hanging with her friends. I asked Mariah what her definition of confident means, and couldn’t agree more with her answer. “Being comfortable as yourself and not changing who you are for other people” I LOVE that answer and love even more that someone, at age 18 realizes that! Speaking of 18… TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! So don’t be afraid to leave her some birthday love!

Happiest of Birthday’s to you Mariah and can’t wait to spend more time with you this year! xoxo


Styling done by the fabulous, Gigi’s Boutique in Morris, IL

Hair & Makeup done by the talented, Taylor of Beauty Brigade

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